Power Generation Cleaning

Power Generation Cleaning with Less Outage Time throughout Florida.

Professionals who need to keep their equipment in prime condition will find Florida Dry Ice Blasting’s power generator cleaning services very useful. In addition, to reduce the risk associated with transferring heavy equipment to another location, we may provide you with non-conductive, environmentally friendly cleaning procedures that can be used on various power generation equipment.

employee performing a power generation cleaning jobCarbon dioxide is launched at supersonic speeds during dry ice blasting. The pellets break apart upon impact, cleaning the surface by eliminating impurities and debris from the substrate without producing any more waste. Additionally, non-abrasive CO2 is used in our power generation cleaning services to prevent damage, scratches, or etching to your equipment, circuit boards, and even the most sensitive.

Our cleaning services can remove pollutants from turbines, motors, generators, and electronics without the need for tiresome scraping, the risk of insulation damage from cleaning equipment, or the requirement for drying time from solvents or water.

The following have been kept up with the help of our power generation cleaning solutions:

  • Houses on Inlet
  • Change tack
  • Turbines
  • Stators and rotors
  • Bus bars for iso phase
  • Transformers
  • Change tack
  • Windings
  • Insulators for lines
  • Generators and compressors
  • AC and DC motors
  • Circuit interrupters

Dry ice blasting has other advantages like:

  • For customers, there are no longer any or fewer power outages.
  • Enhanced system dependability
  • Without switching, the overall level of safety is improved.
  • Cleaning can be done at any time of the year.
  • Improved meter readings
  • Polarization indexes went up.
  • A reduction of 65% in cleaning-related downtime
  • A rise in thermal dissipation
  • Eco-friendly cleaning techniques

Services for blasting turbines

With the help of our dry ice blasting services, we can provide a forceful yet delicate technique to clean turbines. To offer the turbines the cleanest surface possible, our dry ice blasting specialists employ the best dry ice blasting agent. Our dry ice-blasting specialist cleans turbine blades of all sizes to guarantee that your machine will receive the best care possible. You may avoid damaging your blades by using dry ice to remove buildup and foreign objects.

It is possible to clean turbines while they are running, without endangering the cables or insulation, and without employing explosive solvents. We may schedule our non-conductive, non-toxic turbine blasting services at your location to provide the best possible outcome.

Non-Hazardous, Safe Cryogenic Blasting

Dry ice blasting does not endanger human health, in contrast to numerous chemicals employed by the cleaning sector. Employees will be considerably safeguarded from toxic chemical agents and other damaging cleaning techniques by employing this safer chemical-free cleaning procedure. Enhancing operator safety and lowering health hazards fosters a safer work environment.

Eliminating disassembly allows us to save downtime and worker fatigue while also lowering equipment damage during disassembly and worker injury. Because cryogenic blasting equipment is portable, it can be brought to the blasting unit rather than being brought to the blasting unit itself.

Get a free power generation cleaning quote from us by getting in touch with us right away. Our contractors will visit your company to go over your options and your cleaning requirements for power generation. Our group is here to assist. To learn more about our services, give us a call.

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